A Business Dialogue

Redefining Corporate Values and Leadership

We are in the midst of a turbulent, unpredictable period of economic crises, political instability, and social unrest across the world. Puerto Rico is not immune to the challenges of the times. What are the strengths that the entrepreneurial community can bring forth to maintain our quality of life and economic vitality within the context of global change?

  Design: An interactive dialogue, presentations and case studies through which participants will jointly explore:

»  The importance of culture and values in shaping the performance of an organization

»  The role of leaders in setting a vision and culture which can result in both positive business impact and positive social impact, revisiting the traditional concept of business leadership

»  The changing dynamics of the marketplace and the growing impact of reputation on business value

»  The reasons why it is necessary to go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility and how to achieve this.

»  Audience:   Business Leaders in Puerto Rico, Social Leaders, Government Representatives, Academia

»    Date :  Thursday March 1st, 2012

»  Venue: Puerto Rico Convention Center

»  Collaborators: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) PR Chapter: and the Barret Values Centre:

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Human Forum 2012 : The Symphony of Transformation II

"Music is not an escape from life; it is a doorway into life."
       -- Frederic Chiu

 Music accompanies us from birth to death – from morning’s light through the darkness of night.  Music is within our bodies – from the pulse of the heart beat to the subtle bio-chemical rhythms that course through our vital systems.  Music carries inspiration, tradition, knowledge, and the power to transform. Join the Alliance for a New Humanity in a creative exploration of music in its many forms and capacities for transformation. The Symphony of Transformation gathering will include concerts, experiential workshops, master classes, spontaneous compositions, discussions, jam sessions, and community building with international performers that will open the hearts to connect us all.


Tentative date April 19-21, 2012


Human Forum
The Human Forum is a unique gathering of people who share a vision and a passion for creating a new humanity through personal, social, and business transformation. Their convergence integrates inspirational thought, social transformation examples, multiple artistic expressions, love for nature, openheartedness, and celebration of life.

The Forum connects hearts and minds, makes the concept of one humanity a palpable experience, and generates a human resonance field.. This field inspires new creative possibilities from its collective intelligence, and empowers individuals from all human endeavors with a new integral vision, and promotes the establishment of partnerships and synergies at all levels to accelerate positive change in the world.