A Symphony of Transformation - Human Forum 2008

Every year since 2003

Leaders from all walks of life have been quietly meeting at the Human Forum of the Alliance for a New Humanity. On previous years the Forum has brought together Nobel Prize winners Rigoberta Menchu, Betty Williams, Oscar Arias and Al Gore, noted writers like Antonio Skarmeta and Sergio Ramirez, film makers like Shekhar Kapur, entertainment personalities likeQueen Latifah, Ricky Martin, environmentalists like Ashok Khosla, inspired social workers like Mae Chee San Sanee from Thailand, educators like Satish Kumar from Schmacher College, corporate leaders like Ray Anderson economists, social scientists like Jim Cliffton CEO of Gallup and Paul Ray, economists leading anti-poverty campaigns like Jeffrey Sachs, inspired women for change like Marianne Williamson and Lynne Twist , journalists like Roberto Savio founder of Inter Press Service and Ignacio Ramonet Director of Le Monde Diplomatique.

They have been joined by numerous others well known and less well known, individuals, organizations, agents for change in all spheres of human transformation. From Kiej de los Bosques, transforming the livelihoods of Mayan women, to global organizations like CARE, to Chat the Planet communicating the young of the world, the All Palestine’-Israeli Radio bringing news of peace by young people caught up in an world of war, and many other extraordinary organizations like Heifer International, Trickle-Up, and Iniciativa Comunitaria. Organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the world, in and outside, of public knowledge.

Why do they all come to this human gathering? To strengthen their resolve to change the world. To declare their humanity and invite others to do so. To learn from each other’s best practices and forge new imaginative partnerships for action. To create a human network for change. To give testimony to the greatness of the human heart and its potential for transformation. To recognize and celebrate the oneness of all life.