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Add CAPTCHA to forms


 to prevent comment spam

Make it possible to post more than one photo with a Global Story


either add this functionality to the Page content type or create a special content type for Global Stories. for page: http://anhglobal.org/en/stories/durban

h styles


  • revise h styles for easier formatting namely 3 through 6 .... for each theme


Spanish version of site

 spanish version of site. on a different domain. registered by illeana. get domain from kim. have illeana point its nameservers at verio. add to verio nameservers ($25)

fix error in DB

 Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 109 of 808 bytes in /home/ksherhol/www/anhglobal.org/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 390

Add Google Urchin Code to anhglobal.ning


Text area for btc contact


can I put Dale's thank you for your interest text (which is quite lengthy) ontop of the contact field on the contact page within BTC?
She has been asking me to do this for awhile, but I just hate the thought of the loooong page, but she won't go away.

Milagros- user name and password


create restricted access edit account for Milagros. so she can translate and edit spanish content...

take the vow badge creation


need to create a badge that says TAKE THE VOW instead of I took the vow. ;-)

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