The Pioneer Club

A journey of effective giving.

Two global organizations, both committed to the sustainable ending of world hunger, have joined forces and given birth to an initiative called The Pioneer Club. In September 2007 XL Results Foundation and The Hunger Project officially launched their partnership with a US$5 million commitment toward poverty alleviation in India, to former President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

In January and February of this year, Roger Hamilton, Chairman of XL Results Foundation took sixty people on the first annual trip to experience and share in the profound work of The Hunger Project (THP). THP is an organization committed to the empowerment of women at grassroots level in the most poverty-stricken areas of the planet. In India, they had the privilege of witnessing the results of a dedicated team in Madhya Pradesh, instill confidence, self-esteem and belief into the hearts of women who had been raised with no identity or voice. As a result of an amendment to the Constitution entitling women to 33% reservation in local government, these women are now being elected into positions of responsibility within local village counsels.

By providing education and a safe, open forum of sharing, understanding and communal support, THP is holding the hands of these women as they teach each other about leadership and courage. Women who have felt alone and powerless to address the urgent needs of their families, are now stepping-up with conviction  and determination into positions of responsibility and transforming whole communities by creating access to clean water, education, roads, medical care and food.

Many of those who went to India thought they were the ones doing the giving, but as a group, they came away with the knowledge that they had received far more. The unconditional acceptance and generosity of the people they met was moving. The rich colours, strength and warm embraces of the women; the courage of the men to accept change and the enthusiasm and joy of the children were moving experiences. The whole visit taught them so much about what is truly important in life and gave them wealth beyond words to share with friends and family on their return home. "We truly are pioneering new ways to be fully human" says Cathy Burke who is Chief Executive Office of THP  Australia.

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