Cultivating Young Minds...


The intention of the Art Studio is to provide a safe, creative location for teaching artists working with urban youth interested in participating in holistic art education programs that assist in career development. This gallery style loft is a co-creation of those whose hearts align with the mission of inspiring creative awareness in students from our urban communities.
We know that art changes lives for the better. By integrating age appropriate curriculum's as project themes for mural painting, visual arts, photography, writing & spoken word, multi-media and publishing projects the students are inspired to excel. The Art Studio intends to integrate dance, music, yoga, nutritional awareness, self-esteem building and professionalism, into its schedule of creative programs.
It is the goal of the Art Studio to consistently serve 50-100 students per year, ages 6-18, without sacrificing quality for quantity. The intent is to offer students fully funded, holistically integrated art education programs. In these programs a sense of safety and belonging are key elements to building a foundation for learning personal responsibility, developing self esteem, respectful character and professionalism. With creative roots the ability for success becomes attainable, especially for youth coming from challenged beginnings. 
It is our intention that all involved with Art Studio programs be aligned with the mission and committed to finding mutually beneficial aspects for co-creating programs designed to inspire at-risk youth. We are committed to using a creative holistic approach with principles based in integrity, prosperity, professionalism and the gratitude of mutually beneficial service. We believe it is important to live by example taking our life’s challenges into perspective and using hardships to redefine our choices and determine what we want our lives to be. In every challenge is the possibility of finding a positive solution-oriented outcome by which we can all choose to take personal responsibility and better our lives.
The Art Studio is dedicated to supporting all aspects of the process needed to create art education programs with holistic integration and intends to unite with others in building awareness, fundraising, creating partnerships, and forming mutually beneficial relationships with artists, teachers, schools, parents and communities to secure long lasting successful art programs for our youth.
The Art Studio Miami, located in the ‘Little Haiti’ district of Miami, Florida, collaborates with holistic and environmental Art Integrated Education Programs such as ‘Wings’ Cultural Travel program, 'Love Color Light' Elementary Art Ed, ‘Make Art Matter initiative’ Eco-Arts, ‘Mother Planet’ Community Eco-Awareness programs, Holistic-Art based programs and Big Brothers Big Sisters for Mentors. Art Studio provides our urban youth with creative tools for learning.
7230 NW Miami CT,
Studio #5, Purple Door
Miami, Florida 33150 USA


The Mission of is to cultivate creative young minds by providing a safe location where they are inspired, empowered and guided by artists, teachers and professional mentors who support the student’s education and career development through the integration of creative holistic arts.

 The Art Studio location is available for events, fundraisers, meetings, tutoring and monthly rental shares for related art integrated programs.