Together We Can Make A Difference...


I once had a dream. Since I was a child, I was “haunted” by a vision. Through my mind’s eyes, I kept seeing a beautiful place, merged into nature, where people lived peacefully and happily.
This vision became an obsession to me. I just could not stop thinking about such a place. I wanted to change the world, to participate in the construction of that peaceful world I envisioned.

Many years went by and I still kept having the vision. Sometimes, I would try to share with friends this feeling, but always heard back: what can you do to change the world? Who do you think you are to be able to change the world? These statements had a great power over me, making me loose faith in myself and thinking that I really could not do anything to change the world.

At the same time, I kept remembering what Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Just be the change you want to see out there in the world”. And then, one day, I read a book called “The Isaias Effect”, about Essenians’ teachings. There I was presented to the concept of the power that arises from  many people joined together with the same intention. So I thought to myself: I cannot change the world by myself, but definitely a critical mass can make a difference!

The photons in the universe are full of our feelings and emotions and they vibrate permanently influencing all of us, like ripples in a lake. Nowadays, people have thoughts of fear, anxiety, insecurity. And these feelings influence the whole collective mind. But if we can change ourselves, if we “go back home” to our essence -- silence --- we will start changing ourselves and then, consequently, the universe will mirror that change. That idea started to come very often to my mind.
Then, in 2005, I organized a group with my Yoga students to take the course “Seduction of the Spirit”, at the Chopra Center in San Diego. After a few days of many hours of meditation, during a meal, I had a serious talk to one of my students, Fran Abreu, who owns an advertising agency in Brazil. I told him about my dream of changing the world and asked for his help. To my surprise, he said: YES!

At that time I also read an article that in Washington DC 30 000 people had gathered for a collective meditation and the police made a research to prove that 30% of the violence of the city dropped soon after the event. With this information in mind, in 2006 we started Yoga for Peace, which is now in its fourth edition.Yoga means union. At Yoga for Peace we have the objective of uniting more and more people every year to expand their consciousness, to become better human beings and, consequently, to be able to create a better world through the power of intention.

We do not care about religion, sex, belief, race or social status. We want to gather human beings. In the first year, we gathered 5.000 people in an open space on a Sunday morning in August. Everybody helped the way they could. The event is free to all people. In 2007,  10.000 people joined and in 2008, almost 20 000 people  participated in Yoga for Peace and The I International Congress of Yoga and Ayurveda held in Sao2 Paulo - Brazil.

This year, 2009, the event will take place in 10 different Brazilian cities. Yoga for Peace has come to stay! Each year we gather more and more people and the consciousness for a better world is spreading…

People are becoming aware that alone we cannot do much but TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR A BETTER WORLD!

As Sai Baba says:
There is only one religion, the religion of the heart
There is only one caste, the caste of humanity
There is only one language, the language of love,
There is only one God, he is inside of each one of us and WE ARE ALL ONE.

All of a sudden, my dream is becoming true, we are participating in the creation of a place to live that is full of Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love!

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