Constant Contact Module for Newsletter signup


export current names and manually import into Constant Contact.
deploy CC module and test function.

add text link to questions page under vow counter

can we please put in text underneath the vow counter and above the ANH logo the words HOW TO KEEP THE VOW- when they click it it will take them to the question and answer page.... Of which I really need to be able to upload the new qn's he gave me with answers

Link to Ning Page

 add link to ning page... should this replace the enter your email? since they will need to signup/enter their email at ning anyway so we will be able to contact them. or do we want to do both? maybe we should just move the whole site to ning and post the videos there?

Take the Vow Badges

 to go along with the I Took the Vow badges

also, problem on myspace with current I took the vow buttons... see email

Changes to presentation

make it wider so the email can be on top half of page. see other changes in text file.

Add space for logos to be added

 as needed

Clarify Time Text

 Clarify text regarding what time to ring the bells.

12 noon all over the world

translate interface into spanish es.po

 for user/register first, then whole thing and contribute it back.

better organization for the transform tools page

 better organization for the transform tools page - break it up into more pages, make it searchable


Separate Navs for Groups and Events in Connect

 break Connect subnav into two different menu blocks to show on groups/ or events


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