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 Links for Transform Tools and Videos


404/403 Custom Pages

 turn on blocks for swirl nav

Add upper nav bar

add nav bar between logo and content

Fix Ning Favicon


logo is cut off. upload new image

etext error

would do this myself but still don't know how to loging to admin for ITV 2. On the I Take The Vow site, just before you put in your email, it states: If you are ready, please click below to enter your email to be counted as apart of our first 100 million people. Take the vow now. I think you mean "a part", not apart. LOVE++ Richard

Individual Contact Forms

 like Be The Change. 

get rid of the long list of addresses.


 make a favicon for ANH

Style Transform Videos

create a better style for the Video views.

Alternate Content for Flash Nav

Add alt content for the flash navs

Link for instant information

Ring a bell for peace at 12 noon your local time anywhere in the world. What other information needs to be there? or link to the Ning page and people can discuss it amongst themselves...?

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