Make A Difference

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
Mahatma Gandhi

We invite you to serve and support others with devotion and compassion. Beginning with our own personal transformation and through service, by making a difference, is how we believe we will reach that critical mass of people that together emerge as the new humanity.

Selfless service emerges spontaneously out of just realizing that we are one humanity. Perhaps you can choose activities that can in some way contribute to the well being of others in your community. This could be personal commitment to volunteerism like helping an aging person, a hospice, a shelter, or a hospital. We hope to provide you with opportunities and tools that support your Make a Difference journey.


Moraima Oyola Pizarro was born in San Juan Puerto Rico, the third of four children. She faced a very sad and abusive childhood. His father was an alcoholic that would beat her mother almost every night when he came home drunk. They lived in a small wooden house with a zinc plated roof and before walking into the house the father would throw stones to the roof so that all would wake up.

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This season, CBC and The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos want to mobilize Canadians to do One Million Acts of Green. In partnership with Cisco, the idea behind the campaign is that one small act can make a big difference.



Being a teenager without a strong and stable family in Sub-Saharn Africa is REALLY TOUGH. Through Infinite Family, video mentors in thier living rooms and offices any where in the world can talk face-to-face with Southern African Teens and help guide them through tough times.