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Red Cross volunteers

The State of Tabasco, located in the Southeastern part of the Mexico, is going through difficulties. More than one million people have been affected.

Flying a Kite in Darfur

On our latest trip to Chad in Africa, members of ‘The More We Share’ brought hundreds of kites across the borders from Sudan – kites that tell thousands of stories of Darfurian children: kites that have been created by the hands of innocent refugees.

Someone e-mailed me a link to a 6-minute video that summarizes where the world is heading. Like any snapshot, it gives a limited view of a moment in time.

Deepak Chopra

Following a six-day spiritual retreat this August in Whistler, change-makers have already started to meet in Canada.

Papa Jaime Jaramillo

Jaime Jaramillo, father of the Colombian street children of Bogotá, is love in action and an example of New Humanity.

Friends without borders

All across India, thousands of children have been writing heartfelt letters to the students of Pakistan, and thousands of children from Pakistan have been replying. Friends Without Borders are now inviting every school in both countries to take part and join this historic heart-to-heart experiment.

The idea is simple: writing a letter will leave deep and lasting impressions that will help to humanize the other and be the seeds that promise to mature into a safer and friendlier world.

Global Leaders' Retreat on New Emerging Consciousness

Global warming, social injustice, and economic disparity; just a few of the issues that representatives from more than 60 organizations addressed at a retreat at the Chopra Center and Spa at the Dr

America’s largest green consumer show, Green Festival 2007, took place in San Francisco from November 9th-11th, at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center drawing a record-breaking attendance of over 41,000 people.