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Rochelle Marmorstein interviewing Desmond Tutu in Bali

Five years ago, while filming an international activist gathering called ‘Alliance for a New Humanity,’ I became aware of a rapidly-growing trend in human activity and was compelled to

Cultural Creatives

A new study proves that millions of people worldwide are “Being the Change”.


Global public opinion is the new superpower and that opinion is being expressed by the world’s independent filmmakers.


The making of the ‘We Are One’ world anthem.

A journey of effective giving.

Two global organizations, both committed to the sustainable ending of world hunger, have joined forces and given birth to an initiative called The Pioneer Club. In September 2007 XL Results Foundation and The Hunger Project officially launched their partnership with a US$5 million commitment toward poverty alleviation in India, to former President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

The Blossom Project

The Blossom Project was born out an intensely energetic discussion during a Toronto gathering of the Alliance For A New Humanity.

Positive action to reduce plastic pollution. Globally over a million plastic bags are used per minute. When Claire Morsman realised that marine animals were dying after ingesting plastic bags, she turned her horror into action. Overnight, she devised the strategy of ‘sociable guerrilla bagging’ – people getting together to make beautiful bags out of recycled material, and then distributing them for free to friends, family and unsuspecting members of the general public during co-ordinated mass handouts.

Erwin Bous and colleague

Cultural expression strengthens and gives resilience to communities, in fact, cultural diversity is equally as important as biodiversity.

The Anchovy School, Jamaica

The One Love Learning Foundation (One Love) was created to help the children of the world recognize and experience their oneness with all life on the planet and celebrate the infinite gifts of thei