Human Systems Evolution

As individuals, we go through our lives seeking for meaning and purpose. This search is what makes us unique; it is the spiritual realm that frames the journey of life.

As we have evolved our societal interactions have become more complex. We have created structures to deal with life issues. Families, tribes, nations, institutions, corporations, all are organizational forms, based in a set of norms and principles that regulate the interactions and define the specific goals and objectives of the organizational level involved.

At present we operate within the paradigms, systems and structures that mirror the thinking of our era. We are still living primordially under the paradigms that gave rise to the industrialization era, on a development model that is based in growth, competition and accumulation. This model proved to be very effective in creating economic affluence, but has fell short in offering solutions to the deepest human needs.

The linear world vision of cause and effect, action and reaction, on which this model was based seemed to have been limited in reflecting the inherent life complexity, its interrelation and interdependence.

A new development paradigm is now emerging one that addresses the organizational entities we have created, considering them as human systems, instead of abstract institutions. As a new understanding of what it really means to be human surfaces, new paradigms are also evolving for the transformation of the institutional entities we have created.

For a global shift in consciousness we must transform individually and we must transform as well our institutions.

We would like to invite you, to a journey of questioning and discovering how human systems might evolve for the benefit of us all, to honor life and ensure sustainability.