The Alliance for a New Humanity was cofounded in August 2002 at the Peace in Peacetime Conference held in San Juan Puerto Rico by a group of leaders from all sectors of society and different nationalities that included;  Nobel Prize winners Oscar Arias (Costa Rica) and Betty Williams (Ireland), author and philosopher Deepak Chopra (India), singer Ricky Martin(Puerto Rico), human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy (US), environmentalist Ashok Khosla (India), journalist Roberto Savio (Italy), judge Baltazar Garzon (Spain) and President of Puerto Rican Senate Antonio Fas Alzamora (Puerto Rico). The words of Ernesto Sabato quoted below in his opening statement to the Conference served as a stimulus to the group to decide on the establishment of the Alliance Platform.

“An emergence is happening everywhere, unsung heroes are courageously demonstrating that a change of heart, a unified humanity and an improvement of the quality of life for all, is possible and is linked to a new conception of life. United in giving to others, in their absolute desire for a more human world, they have already started to generate change, taking risks in experience as profound as love and solidarity. And the Earth will become impregnated with their perseverance.”
-- Argentinean laureate writer, Ernesto Sabato, at the Conference which launched the idea of the Alliance for a New Humanity.

Oscar Arias, the first President of the Alliance declared the fundamental principles of the organization in his statement at the official launching of the Alliance in December 2003 in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

“In August 2002 we met in Puerto Rico at a Peace Conference. A group of people from all walks of life, we gathered to ponder on the dehumanized state of the world. To reflect on the fact that even though our advanced civilization makes it possible to be united as one human family, makes it possible that we all aspire to have a dignified life, that we can celebrate with happiness this miracle of existence, we are still apart from each other, social fear is prevalent, there is more violence on our streets, better designs of destructive weapons to destroy human lives, and a trade of these weapons like no time before in our history.


Every day more than 30 thousand children die of hunger because we do not have the 40 billion dollars a year that are needed to nourish them and educate them and sustain them, however we spend 900 billion dollars a year in bombs and armies and we sit in front of our televisions and movie theaters to watch as a natural spectacle the annihilation of life be it in the reality of the newsreels or in the fantasy of cinema. Sadly both views seem to have the same substance. We do not see the terrible pain of war, and we lose respect for life; that marvelous miraculous happening in the universe that gives us the consciousness to enjoy happiness, beauty and love.


In the occasion when the Alliance idea was born not only we were facing a reflection on these challenges, we were also full of hope because we felt that the human spirit is capable of resurgence in the midst of the worst calamities.  We knew then that there are millions in the world that have sensibility towards the fellow beings that have love and respect for life. And we committed ourselves to connect those who are defending the rights of children, of women, of men, those who understand and defend our equilibrium with nature, the compassionate ones, those who celebrate life instead of destroying it. 


To connect them so that their work is seen, so that the media not only projects scandal, violence, fear and we offer equal time to present the incredible work of love that the human spirit can do through people like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and thousands upon thousands of people, who are working tirelessly to heal, to make others happy, to give consolation, to protect their fellow beings. 


This is the raison d être of the Alliance, a human network, were we can declare our humanity and establish a permanent forum to consolidate the strengths of good will and influence the social narrative and behavior towards a more just, peaceful, joyful and equitable society.  We decided to bet on life, to demonstrate that we can do something about it, and to declare our humanity and change the world.” First Human Forum Rio Grande Puerto Rico, December 2003.

-Oscar Arias Peace Nobel Prize 1987 First President of the Alliance for a New Humanity