Mabel Lassalle has been with the Alliance since May 2005 performing vital functions as co-organizer of the 2005, and 2006 Human Forums,  as principal organizer for the 2008 Human Forum and has coordinated and supported other international events. She has also directed operations and been the Regional Director for Latin America. She is at present Director of Operations and Treasurer.  She is an experienced professional in the fields of social networking, outreach development, and event planning with significant contacts in Latin America and in Puerto Rico. Mabel is fluent in Spanish-English, has a BBA in Marketing and Human Resources,  is passionate about supporting social causes and enjoys public speaking.


German Gonzalez, Esq. is a licensed attorney at law in Puerto Rico. As such he was the leading environmental lawyer in Puerto Rico from the decades of 70’s to 2004. At present he has specialized in corporations and singularly in non- profit organizations and commercial law. He has being in the Alliance since its conception in 2002. Gonzalez serves as the Secretary of the Board and as the legal counselor for the organization.